Wish To Become The Top Sales in 2020?

To Get Quality Leads. And Follow Up Your Customers Effortlessly and Automatically?

So you can Double or Triple Your Income?!

But..... Property Agents!!!

(this website will take you only 5 mins to read)

is this your routine?

1. You Run Facebook Ads📱.
2. Burn Money💰.
3. Get Leads☎️.
4. Calls The Lead😊.

5. He Tells You:

💢"I didn't sign up..."💢

💢"Send me more details..."💢

💢"Oh, I have made appointment with someone else..."💢

Then you realize, some of them are AGENTS too!

Some are even FAKE LEADs!

Frustrated Right?

Welcome to the world of Advertising Overload!

Where everyone knows the same strategy, running the same ads, targeting the same audience, showing the same content.

but, expecting different results. 

expecting BLOW UP sales like back in 2017….

Especially on Facebook!

Here is your opportunity to BREAKTHROUGH!

Event Details 中文课程

Feb 17 & 18, 2020

2 Days Course

In this 2 Days, You Will Master:

Facebook Messenger

Using Chatbot To Broadcast Messages / Follow Up Automatically. Effortlessly.

Email Marketing

Yes! Email Still Works.

And Most People Run Facebook Ads, without collecting email. (Are you one of them?)

Strategy To Put All These Together

How To Create A Full Campaign, Follow Up, What Content To Put In

Facebook Ad RETARGETING (Video, Pixel, Lead Form)

Reshow Your Ads to those who watch you videos. Or click on your website or Lead Ad

Video Marketing

To create human touch, you need to let your customer “see” you!

When following up, use video! So you can connect better

☑️Advance Facebook Targeting

– Scattered Bomb Location Targeting
– Specific Building
– Interest Overlay
– Hidden Interest
– Exclude Agent Leads
– Lead Extraction Tools
– Important Metrics and Tracking Analysis

☑️ Comment Chatbot Auto Reply & Automation

– Comment Auto Reply , why it’s important
– Messenger Braodcast
– Lead Extraction To Google Sheet
– Messenger Lead Ad 

☑️Email Marketing

– Broadcasting to old leads
– Automatic Follow Up
– Value Content
– How to WIN IN ANY launching event

☑️Video Marketing

Video Marketing
– How to film perfect video
– Selecting content
– Utilizing Video as Funnel
– Using Video As Lead Magnet For Retargeting

Why is Automatic Follow Up Important?

Saving Your Money

All the money you invested on advertisement is WASTED if you don’t reuse your leads!

Saving Your Time​

By Automating You Follow Up Process, you will have more time to carry more IMPORTANT activities!

Saving Your Connection

Build LONG TERM Relationship with your leads. It’s easier to promote a new project to someone who knows you, rather than a brand new lead!

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Hi! It's Adrian Seow here!

For the past few years, I have had the privilege of learning from the BEST Marketers in the world, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Azizan Osman, Peng Joon, Patric Chan, Fabian Lim, DMC…

And conducted Training Class on Internet Marketing For Property Agents Throughout Malaysia & Thailand. I have trained Over 1000 Agents, conducted over 97 trainings so far, Filmed Over 200+ Live Videos!

Some Achievements






I Only Teach What I Implemented

Here’s the thing… I’m a practitioner of my own system. My main focus has always been getting Property Leads online and this is what I still do today.

As a direct result of being a practitioner, I’ve managed to build an 9 figure sales volumes within just 4 years.. this system has helped me to generate over 7 figure total commisions and allow me to have MORE FREE time than ever!

When you come to my class, what you’re going to learn is not theory. It’s not stuff that looks good on paper but doesn’t work. We will go through all the material step by step.

You will discover how you can get quality leads from Facebook through Better Copy Writings, Follow Up Systems and Make More Income and Make More Time just like how I did it for myself.  


Do You Wish To Get Lead Ad Results Like This?

Or Messenger Ad Results Like This?

RM0.32 per Messenger Conversation

Consistently getting 4,249 leads + 1412 Comments, with Only Than RM1,358.53?

(yes, RM0.32 to acquire a lead, which can be followed up with FB Messenger!)

And Then Follow Up Using
Email, Chatbot, Video Marketing

To Achieve More Sales?

The fact that you are reading until this point tells me that you wish to


Take the opportunity now 🙂

Register Now

Get Early Bird Tickets

My team will contact you for the payment after you Register.

This is a Step By Step Training Class - Two Day - 16 Hours

You might be thinking...

Is This A FREE Class?


I believe that it’s only when people invest in classes, then they will GET MORE VALUE out of it!



Early Bird Tickets Available!

“Bricks Marketing Workshop”


Feb 17 - 18, 2020
(Mon - Tue)

VADs Level 21,
iSpace TTDI

☑️8 Hours Training Workshop

☑️Video Recording Access After Class (Worth RM697)

☑️Q&A on Live Video After Class

☑️Private Facebook Group For Discussion

☑️BONUS Whatsapp Link Creator (Worth RM197)

☑️BONUS Comment Auto Reply Software (Worth RM297)

☑️BONUS FB Lead Extraction Tool (Worth RM297)

per person

Chinese New Year Special:
RM999 only!
Per Person!

You save RM998

Secure Your Seat Now

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每人, 只需


If You Are Totally New, Is This Suitable For You?


This is an Advanced Class, which is catered for people with experience dealing with Facebook Ads.

But Stuck...

And Don't know how to Break Through!

However, I have a BONUS for you
(if you are new)

Those who Sign Up Today, Will Get These

4 FREE Training Videos (Worth RM697)

1 Hour Training Video on Researching Your Target Audience

1 Hour Training Video on Marketing Funnel Design

2 Hour Training Video Step By Step Facebook Ad Walkthrough

1 Hour Facebook Custom Audience - Adrian Seow

If You Are Considering If This Class Is Worth It....💭

let me ask you a question....

You could easily WASTE the course money by SIMPLY run Facebook Ads.

To invest in the software I use, it will be more that amount too!

and you get it for FREE* while signing up the class!

Why not invest in knowledge that could be the GAME CHANGER in your career??

Sign Up Now.

Your Future Is Waiting...

My team will contact you for the payment after you Register.

WHO is
adrian seow?

Property & Internet Marketing Coach
Head Of Team - Real Estate


2015 - Present

IQI REALTY - Head of Team

I love Property. As much as using the Internet to talk and spread about property investment knowledge.

So I combine the best from both fields, into a structural training module for real estate agents to get started in this industry.

2017 - Present

Internet & Social Media Marketing Coach

In the 21st century, if you don’t live on the internet, You Do No Exist! That’s why I emphasize that, all my team member must learn how to use the internet to create their brand and acquire new customers. I conduct training classes for Real Estate Agents

2013 - 2015

Intel Electrical Engineer - Penang

I also love taking things apart and see how things work, that is why i chose Engineering for my degree.

However, I prefer to deal with people, so i decided to change my field entirely, and explore the real estate indutry!

About the team

I am looking for People who share the same mindset as me, to achieve a greater height in real estate industry with the power of Internet Marketing. If you have exprience in Real Estate, But Have no clue about Internet Marketing, why not get a cup of coffee and discuss how can we work out a great plan?

Achievement & recognition


- RM20 Mil Achiever
- Champion For Northern Region
- Top 10 In IQI Realty Nationwide
- Top 10 Head Of Team (RM100 Mil Sale)


- RM20 Mil Achiever
- 2017 Champion For Northern Region
- 2017 Highest Unit Closers Nationwide
- 2017 Top 10 in IQI Realty Nationwide
- 2017 Overall Champion In Elite Team
- Star Award 2017


- RM20 Mil Achiever
- 2016 Highest Unit Closer Nationwide
- Top 3 in IQI Realty Nationwide
- IQI Platinum Agent Award
- Star Award 2016


Facebook Marketing 89%
Facebook Live Video 89%
Landing Page Design 71%
Google Marketing 70%
Email Marketing 70%


Will I See You In The Class?

I Certainly Hope So..

Here Is One Of My Live Video Training, in case you haven't seen anything from me before.

How To Target High Networth Client


FEB 17 & 18, 2019 (Mon & Tue)



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